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Joan & Alan's Bari Reef Adventure XIV

Go swimming with an octopus. Watch a turtle search for food. Be enchanted as squid dance in front of you. Learn about coral reef restoration. Click on the YouTube link on the left to enjoy our latest video.


About Joan

Joan is veteran diver who has logged more than 700 dives during a twenty-seven year plus diving career. A retired special education teacher, Joan first started taking still photographs after twelve years of diving without any cameras. She quickly took to capturing the beauty of undersea life on Bari reef, and after eight years decided she wanted to try underwater video.

After extensive research on what camera would best serve her needs, Joan decided on the Sony RX-100 in a Nauticam housing, with Sola and Fantsea video lights. She balances the light output with the red filter attached to the housing.

We estimate that Joan shoots between 250 and 300 minutes of video on a trip. During the course of our dive trips, we do periodic edits and downloads to review what we have, and to see what Joan needs to shoot to complete our film. This download, after editing, will give us about 30 minutes of video.

Alan will take this edit and, using iMovie, create a 4 ½ minute film that we share through an unlisted link on YouTube. Another big aspect in producing the final film is the research that goes into finding the right music. We are particularly excited about the music in our summer 2017 film, which has a Bonaire theme. It is from the movie Children of the Wind, a documentary about three windsurfers from Bonaire, a movie we highly recommend you see.

Please click the video links on this page to get a glimpse of the undersea life on Bari Reef and enjoy the latest underwater films from Darling and Wifey Productions.

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